Nanook’s Story

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We lost our beloved Max, the majestic malamute, in October 2013. We were heartbroken as he was only 3, and we’d had him from a pup. We were just heading out for a Christmas do, when I received a pm … Continued

Remember remember your pets this November

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🎆🎆🎆🎆REMEMBER REMEMBER YOUR PETS THIS NOVEMBER 🎆🎆🎆🎆 With bonfire night quickly approaching thoughts turn to our fluffies to keep them safe. Is your dog worried about fireworks? Do they drool, refuse to eat, shake, dig or hide? Lots of dogs … Continued

Bob, Skip and a Jump

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BOB had been living on the streets of Birmingham, UK with his best friend, SKIP the dog for over a year when our founder, Dawn Fido, came across them sitting on a step during her lunch break.. She would continue … Continued

A Day In The Life of a Malamute Mummy

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DIARY OF A DOG MUMMY 12 midnight……… give furbabies a final cuddle and wish them sweet dreams 00.15…….. first dog climbs the stairs, and sounding like they are wearing pit boots it has to be Tia 00.20……. Tia scratching on … Continued

A Volunteers Bio from Our Natalie

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Hawooo! I’m Natalie from Glasgow. After owning my first ever malamute for little over 6 months , I stumbled upon malamute matters on facebook – a group which offered funny doggy memes ,members stories and a place to turn to … Continued

Guest Blog by Emma Lawson

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Tips on How to Spend a Weekend with Your Dog Spending a weekend with a partner or a group of friends is awesome, but what about your furry friend at home? Your dog too deserves to join you on your … Continued

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