Remember remember your pets this November

With bonfire night quickly approaching thoughts turn to our fluffies to keep them safe.

Is your dog worried about fireworks? Do they drool, refuse to eat, shake, dig or hide?

Lots of dogs find fireworks incredibly stressful, but don’t worry. There’s several steps you can take to help reduce this stress.

Create a den that:
🐶Is as far from the exterior walls of your house as possible.
🐕Is away from windows ( if this not possible, ensure all windows and curtains are closed).
🐶Contains plenty of blankets to burrow in, and a worn piece of your clothing.
🐕Is stocked with toys, chews and water.
🐶Is easily accessible at all times, so your dog can easily enter and exit without feeling trapped.

It can also be useful to make this den dark, by using blankets over a crate, or between two chairs ect. You should ensure that your dog is comfortable in the den, by taking them there a few times a day with their favorite treat. Walk your dog during the day and not after dark.

If you know a firework display is going to happen, feed you dog a large meal 2-3 hours before the display is due to start. You can also add mash potato, sweet potato in the meal. This will help them feel calm and sleepy.

  • Play rhythmic music with a strong beat moderately loud, but not an uncomfortable volume.
  • Ensure all your curtains are closed.
  • Play games with your dog, including the use of their favourite toy.
  • Take your dog to their hiding place, and encourage them to stay there.
  • DON’T get cross with them when they are scared.
  • DON’T try to soothe or pacify them. This reinforces the belief they have something to fear.
  • DO check your house is secure. So they can’t escape when scared.

Medication is available at your vets if you believe your dog isn’t coping.
You will need to speak to your vets in regards to this in advance.

Please be careful and thoughtful over this period. Be safe.

Thanks to Adele Ursell

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