Perdition to Prosperity – Tia’s journey

My name is Tia, my life wasn’t the best, life in a puppy mill never is………..
I was rescued by Saints Sled Dog Rescue, a rescue closely connected to Malamute Matters but because of my nature, it was hard for me to find a forever home, i went from one foster to the next with short stays in what were supposed to be my forever homes. I have issues, i show my fear of other dogs by being aggressive, so it was hard to place me in a furever home, you see those homes already have dogs.

Eventually i went to live with my mummy and daddy, and a doggy brother Samson, they were determined to retrain me. Had they never heard the saying ‘you cant teach an old dog new tricks’
My issues made it all for us all, while totally adorable to any human, if i saw a dog, i would turn into a dervish, pulling and straining to ‘get the dog’. Even at home, my gentle brother took the brunt of my anger, i would growl and snap at him, even putting a hole in his cheek, i was ashamed of myself for that and my humans were sad. They brought in a behaviorist who advised that i wouldnt show any improvement. Out walking in a local beauty spot, i saw a beagle walking close by, and to my utmost shame, i did the worst thing ever, i struggled so much i got out of my harness and threw myself on the beagle scaring its owner and my human mummy. Back at home my humans whispered together, and made the decision that they had failed me and asked the rescue to find me another home, a dog free one, but they insisted they would keep me until then.

In the meantime, my human mummy decided she would try and get me over this, she would defy the behaviorist who thought my case was hopeless. she went back to basics and even though it was a gargantuan task, she got me within feet of other dogs, until i learned i was safe, human mummy wasnt going to let anything bad happen to me.
The highlight of this is, we had a trip to the beach recently, there were dogs of all shapes and sizes running free, many running up to see me, and i ignored them, or i completely forgot myself and wanted to play with them, mummy kept telling me how proud she was of me.
i am still grumpy with Samson, but as for not being able to teach an old dog new tricks, human mummy has proven that wrong, and i have even taught myself some tricks too, like lifting the toilet lid and let it crash down, that wakes the humans up i tell you.
well thats a little of my story, Tia the alaskan malamute and mariah carey impersonator
please never give up on a dog, patience and perseverence pays dividends

Furever, Anne Marie

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