Spero Mobility Harness


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Quincy’s dog mobility harness has helped support dogs all over with various injuries ranging from:

◾Hip/ elbow dysplasia
◾Broken bones
◾Cruciate ligament injuries
◾Bowed legs in certain breeds
◾Muscle wastage after surgery
◾Spinal injuries
◾or even, simply old age

~~The Quincys full support harness is a very new and innovative design. You simply place the harness on your dog and tighten all the straps so that they are comfortable and secure. You then adjust and place the walkers harness onto yourself. Finally, you simply attach the adjustable lead from the walkers harness to the dog harness to either the rear or the front, depending on your dogs ailment. In this way, your shoulders and legs take a small amount off your dog, allowing your dog to walk further, and hence build up muscle mass.

Its very similar to helping a friend who is injured by allowing them to support themselves on your shoulders; in almost the same way, you are helping your dog by offering your support and enabling them to walk.

The aim of the harness is not to totally take the weight off your dog, but simply to take about 30% of the weight off your dog. This allows them to walk and enjoy exercise.

For people who think of their dog as a member of there family, this harness was designed with you in mind.

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Weight 3 kg
Spero Harness

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