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There are many types of harnesses around and not all dogs need a harness, especially those that venture no further then the front gates.

Whether you are looking for a dog training harness, a padded dog harness, a big dog harness for large dogs or you require a harness that even a police dog would be proud to wear, you need look no further as the GenX has it all.


The GenX harness is ideal not only for the more adventurous outdoor owner , but for owners of dogs that require some minimal back or front leg support. With regards to support, the harness is ideal for a variety of situations; helping your dog getting in and out of the car, assisting up the stairs and walking your dog on slippery flooring at home

Our design means that our harness will fit every dog perfectly. None compare to the versatility and durability of this harness.

At Quincys we have designed something of a revolutionary product which not only is a practical tool but also looks ‘mean’.

The mascot and the name behind Quincys, was a three legged newfoundland dog called Quincy. He died 22nd October 2013 and although Quincy was still mobile towards the end, from time to time, he still required minimum assistance with getting up and walking.

The GenX was designed:

•so that it could be strapped on very quickly and taken off when not needed
•left on for longer periods of time
•comfort for the handler
•a practical dog harness but ALSO a fashion statement
•great for able bodied dogs but also ideal for dogs that need some assistance
•a training harness, otherwise known as a no pull dog harness
•a harness where in the future you can add extra items to it, such as backpacks, and high beam side torches.

Key features of the GenX harness:
•Front chest harness and back belly harness with padded handles
•Breathable airmesh interior allowing the harness to remain on for longer periods
•Padded handles with airmesh on the inside of the handles.
•Strong Oxford nylon material exterior for long standing durability
•Strong reinforced buckles to both the front and back harness sections
•Additional attachments that you can buy separately: back pack and high beam torches

If used for training:


To answer this – If you think this through logically, for a dog to pull, the dog has to push off with their back legs and this enables them to start a momentum which then enables them to thrust forward and pull.

The way the GenX works – If a dog is about to pull, then by simply holding onto the back handle, you give a quick, short sharp up and down jerk  – at the same time gently saying ‘Stay’. Normally within just a few minutes, the dog realises that its pointless pulling and gives up. The reason for this is because by lifting the back they lose the power to thrust forward. By repeating this action on a daily basis, your dog quickly associates the command ‘Stay’ with not moving.

There are many dog harnesses in the marketplace but none compare to the versatility and durability of this harness.  AN OVERALL GREAT HARNESS

The GenX  Harness

A harness that helps both able bodied and disabled dogs

At Quincys, we are thrilled to be introducing our new ‘GenX’ dog harness. The likes of which has never been seen before.


We tested the harness on dogs that pull and found that on most dogs you’ll get results within minutes if not less. The dog will stop pulling and you will have total control. Also great for giving your dog that extra little help where mobility may be an issue


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Quincy's GenX Harness



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