Malamute matters has been a major financial contributor to our rescue ( SHARE Rescue) for the last X years
Their support through fundraisers and auctions has been a great help to us
The monies donated have enabled us to neuter many dogs as well as helping us pay towards unexpected vet bills for sick dogs or dogs needing operations that we have taken in,

malamute matters support has proved very valuable in enabling us to do what we do best….
Turn around the lives of many unwanted huskies and give them the happy ending they deserve.
On behalf of all the huskies helped We would like to thank all involved in m m for their continued support

Claire Dalton


Malamute Matters has been a great support to and cheerleader for SHAMROQ – Siberian Husky & Alaskan Malamute Rescue of Queensland Inc. Despite us being in Australia, MM never fail to jump aboard any of our pleas for help, donating much-needed and appreciated funds, sharing our posts and fundraisers and assisting us in any way they are able.  Rescues and shelters throughout the world are bulging at the seams, and Malamute Matters does everything they can to support as many as they can.  Because to MM, all dogs matter 🙂
Susan Simons




Hello from your friends in US. Thanks to a generous contribution from Malamute Matters, we were able to give a very special boy, Rocky, the care he needed to recover from awful, debilitating wounds on his body. We think the skin and flesh was eaten away by having had acid poured on him as he was running stray. Norsled did all that was required to help this beautiful mal become a terrific foster failure and live a great life. We were touched and thrilled to have the support from our Malamute friends in UK which helped make a complete rehabilitation possible. THANK YOU!
Gail de Rita, Rescue/Adoption Coordinator



THANK YOU for your generous donation and contributing to a cause so far away! It is appreciated every day I see his happy face and wagging tail.

I fostered Rocky after he was medically released and

adopted him last summer. I live in Oakland, right outside of San Francisco, and have 2 other Northern dog rescues, Ella and Cooper, and a NorSled foster Lu Lu right now (it’s believed that Lu Lu may have come from the same hoarder that had Rocky). It’s a full, small house but they are all very attached to each other. Rocky is an amazing boy and the happiest dog that I have ever had. You would never guess that he had been through so much last May. His coat is completely healed and the evidence of his ordeal is only visible if you really look hard.

Rocky sleeps next to my bed (or ON it depending on space – it’s “first come, first served” here). We are fortunate to go on off leash hikes with “the pack” in the California Redwoods up the hill from my home at least 3 days a week. Sundays mean “Husky Club” – an off leash romp and coffee group with the rescue at a 23 acre dog park nearby. They all love hiking and jumping into the water when we can find it.
In addition to NorSled, I dog sit through another organization. No matter how large or small the dog (10lbs!), Rocky is friendly and kind to all of the dogs that come through our home. He gives a lot of kisses and is genuinely concerned if he hears a yelp or bark from anyone. He is a sweet and gentle soul.
I have tried to give him the happy, full live that he so deserves. He is an amazing, sweet boy and I am so fortunate to have him in my life. He truly is a wonderful part of my family and I am so thankful to all that stepped up to save this boy.
Please give us a shout if you make it to San Francisco. We would love to take you for a hike in the gorgeous Redwoods or a run on the beach so you can see the impact of your donation. We would love to meet you.
I have attached photos will send 2 short videos of Rocky and the pack in the park. I am happy to keep you in the loop if you prefer – I can send you a Rocky photo once in awhile. Let me know.
Thank you!
All the best,
Michele, Rocky, Ella, Cooper & Lu Lu

Rockyrocky120141025_0020Lo Res



Alaskan Malamute Rescue of Delaware (AMROD) has helped several malamutes living in shelters in North Korea. Sadly dogs are a source of food for humans there. Each time we posted on our facebook page requesting funding to help save a Malamute, Malamute Matters has always contributed. And contributed quite generously. Because of the larger donation from Malamute Matters, it meant the dog could be transported quickly ensuring a safe journey to the USA. Billiee, Beast, Mari and Harry are forever in your debt, as are we humans.




Malamute Matters have been a huge support to us at Laois SPCA, particularly with our Husky X Woody. Woody was left in a ditch to die with deep lacerations around his throat which were badly infected. He spent months fighting infection and needing to get his injuries drained and cleaned. He had a set back recently where his trachea tightened due to infection and scar tissue and we had to refer his to surgery to University College Hospital, Dublin where he underwent emergency surgery as he was finding it difficult to breathe.
Throughout all of this Malamute Matters kept in touch with us, sending us emails and generous donations to help with the spiraling costs. They took a great interest in Woody and offered to help us find him a home if we did not already have a home for him. We are deeply indebted to them for all their suspport, kindness and interest. We continue to keep them updated.





Malamute Matters really helped us out. We have a puppy mill dog Alexis. Alexis is 6 and was bred all her life. Came to find out that when Alexis arrived here she had a broken hip that had never been fixed. I can only imagine how that was carrying around a load of pups at 40Ib and a broken hip. Her estimate was $2000. We had different fundraisers and Youcaring and then Malamute Matters made a donation. That was such a help to us. We dudn’t have much in funds when we found this out. It was great to know she was going to be better and MM was a part of it.





Hi to everyone at Malamute Matters.

This is for Sally and ALL the team. I am a dog behaviourist and when little Mitch the staffy was resued by my friend and with a huge tumour bigger than a cricket ball swinging from his neck, weeping puss and blood plus many other injuries I posted a photo on Facebook to try to find those responsible. Malamute Matters immediately jumped in with a fundraise for his plight. The initial surgery was over £140.00 yet Malamute Matters raised over £500.00 (£517.00 I think) and donated it all to the vets for Mitch. Even knowing they were giving more than the initial surgery cost, I asked for nothing, MALAMUTE MATTERS gave more than even the cost of the surgery, how can such compassion and generosity be measured, my heartfelt thanks to you all and your supporters.

Mitch is on the road to recovery, is happy, has a rich and varied life in front of him, we cannot thank you all enough.

God bless you. x

Bryn Mitchell





Dear Malamute Matters,

Thank you so much for your donation to the East Midlands Labrador rescue from the sales of Team Edward merchandise, we really cannot thank you enough.

I as ambassador for the rescue am so very grateful for the help you have given me in raising over £180.00 for Mr Harry Cook, MBE who founded the rescue in 1981 to give us all the profits from the sales of the merchandise is truly wonderful.

As we are a small charity we can’t afford registered charity status, so rely heavily on fundraising. Your idea of the Team Edward merchandise is such a great help to us in the work that we do in re homing Labradors, for this we can’t thank you enough.

Malamute Matters is a fabulous group of people, committed to helping smaller charities, may your hard work and dedication to the rescues long continue.

Wendy Hopewell





Hi my name is Athena, I was rescued by my mummy my original name was Lucky although I wasn’t very lucky as the breeder that bred me wanted to put me down because of my deformed leg, so a nice lady who was buying one of my brothers asked if she could have me as well, I thought life would have been good for me but I needed my leg removing and the lady couldn’t afford it so she was thinking of having me put down too, then she gave up my brother and asked the rescue if they could take me aswell.  The original rescue refused me as I needed veterinary care so my mummy said she would keep me and appeal for help from the world of facebook.  I needed around £500 – £600 for my op and within 4 hours of mummy appealing for help she raised £800.  A lot of people off of Malamute Matters came forward and put towards my op.

The lovely veterinary staff at Vets 4 Pets in Peterborough took very good care of me and they even took lots of pictures of my operation as mummy had a lot of people wanting to know it went ok.  She posted them all on my own Facebook page Athenas Journey.  I am a star you know.

The operation went well and I was recovering lovely but  unfortunately for mummy I came into season and this did not agree with me, I was screaming and screaming mummy and the vets thought it was down to phantom pain so I had some medication which didn’t agree with me so they tried others and I still screamed and boy did mummy get an earful, the only thing that stopped me screaming was mummy cuddles.  Anyway after three weeks of this my season stopped and I stopped screaming hehe.

I turned one the other day and I can run and jump and bounce around like all the other huskies I maybe small but I am super fast and I can pull as much as the others, mummy even took me out on the bike for a little jog I loved that.

Because of me mummy set up her now registered charity Saints Sled Dog Rescue and she said the reason she chose my name Athena is because it means the Goddess of Inspiration plus lots more and I inspired her to help others, so far in 6 months she has helped save 67 dogs wow and I get to go to a lot of the fund raising days with her everyone is lovely and all the Saints Team love me well why wouldn’t they I am just super cute and adorable.


Heather Saville




Gerti, who has been at Benvardin Kennels as one of the rescued Malamutes is spending her last night at our rescue before going home tomorrow. A massive thank you to you all at Malamute Matters and your supporters, whom without your dedication, we could not have taken in and helped so many Malamutes. Your support saves lives.



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