My Name is Ursula, and I was emaciated

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Hi my name is Ursula! 

I was left by my owners at a strange place. A place where there was a lot of other dogs. I wasn’t in great shape, my mum and dad hardly fed me so I was very thin. I was always itchy all the time, I didn’t know why but I kept scratching and scratching and before I knew it my fur had gone!!! The kind people at GHGSDR spent a lot of time bathing me, much to my disaproval! Do you know a dog that likes to be clean?! I certainly don’t! anyway after all these ‘treatment baths’ I finally stopped itching!!! It was such a relief to not want to scratch all the time.

I must say I looked like a rather pathetic German Shepard! But this was the part in my life where I went to stay with my guardian angels… my foster family!!!  Here is where I was given so much food. I could hardly believe my big brown eyes at the sight of all this food!!! I was given time, love and of course FOOD!! I was allowed to blossom in to the gorgeous and majestic German Shepard I was always meant to be… big, strong, and  healthy… full of fur and not itchy!! 

My time sadly came to leave my foster parent’s. I was ready to find a family I could claim as my own. I was lucky enough to be found by a family that had another German Shepard. We get a long great. We like to play together all the time! I am now happy and content to be with these hairless parents!

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