Northern California Sled Dog Rescue (NORSLED)

Hello from your friends in US. Thanks to a generous contribution from Malamute Matters, we were able to give a very special boy, Rocky, the care he needed to recover from awful, debilitating wounds on his body. We think the skin and flesh was eaten away by having had acid poured on him as he was running stray. Norsled did all that was required to help this beautiful mal become a terrific foster failure and live a great life. We were touched and thrilled to have the support from our Malamute friends in UK which helped make a complete rehabilitation possible.

Gail de Rita, Rescue/Adoption Coordinator

* A NOTE FROM ROCKYS NEW FURMUMMY)*THANK YOU for your generous donation and contributing to a cause so far away! It is appreciated every day I see his happy face and wagging tail.

I fostered Rocky after he was medically released and adopted him last summer. I live in Oakland, right outside of San Francisco, and have 2 other Northern dog rescues, Ella and Cooper, and a NorSled foster Lu Lu right now (it’s believed that Lu Lu may have come from the same hoarder that had Rocky). It’s a full, small house but they are all very attached to each other. Rocky is an amazing boy and the happiest dog that I have ever had. You would never guess that he had been through so much last May. His coat is completely healed and the evidence of his ordeal is only visible if you really look hard.

Rocky sleeps next to my bed (or ON it depending on space – it’s “first come, first served” here). We are fortunate to go on off leash hikes with “the pack” in the California Redwoods up the hill from my home at least 3 days a week. Sundays mean “Husky Club” – an off leash romp and coffee group with the rescue at a 23 acre dog park nearby. They all love hiking and jumping into the water when we can find it.In addition to NorSled, I dog sit through another organization. No matter how large or small the dog (10lbs!), Rocky is friendly and kind to all of the dogs that come through our home. He gives a lot of kisses and is genuinely concerned if he hears a yelp or bark from anyone. He is a sweet and gentle soul.I have tried to give him the happy, full live that he so deserves. He is an amazing, sweet boy and I am so fortunate to have him in my life. He truly is a wonderful part of my family and I am so thankful to all that stepped up to save this boy.Please give us a shout if you make it to San Francisco. We would love to take you for a hike in the gorgeous Redwoods or a run on the beach so you can see the impact of your donation. We would love to meet you.I have attached photos will send 2 short videos of Rocky and the pack in the park. I am happy to keep you in the loop if you prefer – I can send you a Rocky photo once in awhile. Let me know.Thank you! All the best, Michele, Rocky, Ella, Cooper & Lu Lu

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