My name is Marigold, and this is my story


Hewoooooooo my name is Marigold. (yes I am named Marigold like the rubber gloves except I am a lot fluffier!!)  I found myself lost one day...

I was stumbling around a car park even though I was trying so hard to walk properly I just couldn’t do it. I was found by a rescue called NorSled. I was only a baby at the time. I had to have a scary thing called an MRI the nice vet Drs told me the reason why I couldn’t walk properly was because something was pressing on my spinal cord. I was side tilting my head in question at that moment due to me being a woof and not knowing what a spinal cord was! I was taken in to the hospital and had whatever it was removed. And within no time at all without me knowing it I was finally walking around like a proper woof!! Once I was able to leave and go to a proper home I was caged up like a prisoner!!!! Apparently I was under strict rest so my body could heal, I wasn’t happy with this I wanted to run and play, but I guess it was for my own good. Once my release date was confirmed (due to good behavior!) I was allowed to be the puppy I was always meant to be… but only short bursts of mischief was allowed due to my poorly, still healing back.

I am now getting as much naughty time in as I can before its rest time! 

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