My Name is Foxy, and this is my story


Beauty and the Beast a Foxy Lady tale. 

I have not always been a Foxy Lady, loved and doted on by a kind and gentle owner. In fact I was far from it. Here is my story it’s not pretty in the beginning. 

I suppose I started off life, loved and doted on like a favourite toy or accessory. I’m not sure how often I walked on my own four paws, but not much to start with. There is a saying that life never stays the same and this was true for me.  I started developing a lump on my tummy, which caused concern, it got bigger and bigger and the bigger it got the more I got left at home on my own. No longer was I a cute and adorable doggy and shown proudly to the humans, although I did hear some say it was not right for a dog to be carried around in a bag, but they were snubbed and we did not see them again.  

Soon there were days when I did not see a human, days when I was so hungry, days when I was so forgotten. Days that saw my lump grow bigger and stretch. 

When my lump got to a size where it was dragging on the floor I was scooped up and carried to the car; I remember it was dark and there was no one around to comment on this ugly heavy lump I carried with me. But still I was being held in arms once more and taken for a car ride. Maybe they still loved me, maybe they were taking me to have my Lump looked at and hopefully taken away!!! 

I smelled Wyandotte County Lake and could not wait to feel my paws on the floor for a long awaited walk even though my lump got in the way and made walking difficult.   

I got my walk; I got my walk on my own. My lump and I were left to stagger, confused, terrified, hungry, thirsty and so alone. I do not know how long my lonely walk went on for but Lady Luck sent a Good Samaritan to find me and take me to a place where they gave my Lump a name, Tumour! They seemed shocked that someone as little as me had carried this burden for so long and had remained so sweet and loving. I weighed just 7 pounds and that was including my Tumour. Once they had let me eat and drink and rest they said I would need the Tumour removed as they were not sure if it was good or bad. So I went to sleep for a little and then woke to smiling faces. Dazed and a little confused I laid there for a while whilst my head cleared, gradually I noticed lightness to my tummy I looked down and to my joy Tumour had gone. The smiling faces told me I was going to be ok now and that I would never be left to suffer again on my own.  

I was taken to a place they call Foster to recover and wait for a new home.  It took a while for me to feel safe and show myself to the world with pride.  But these special people from the good Samaritan to the Great Plains SPCA to the Veterinary Care Center to all the people who donated money towards my care showed me that I was right to remain true to my character, I am the sweet Foxy Lady that they named me. 

Now this is where my story could end, happy content and with people who treated me the way a dog should be treated with love, kindness and commitment. But my story does not end here it ends with me being welcomed into a Foster Place which is now called my Forever place.   

I have a special message for everyone from the Great Plains SPCA Please read with care. 

“PLEASE – if you know of such a dog with an ever-growing tumour and her people are not planning on doing anything about it – please contact your local humane society or shelter and make a report for a welfare check. The longer something like this is allowed to continue to grow, the higher the chances that it will spread internally.”

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