My name is Cubby, and this is my story


My name is Cubby, and this is my story. 

Close to death and barely aware of my surroundings, paralysed and unresponsive I was dumped at a shelter in a wheelbarrow.

My past? Nobody knows much for sure, only that it was my owner that dumped me, unceremoniously in that place, so it wasn’t good. There were whispers at the hospital I was taken to that I was in a very bad way, and worries I didn’t have the strength to fight. I barely managed to lean in to the loving ear rubs and gentle strokes, I savoured the love I felt from them though and vowed there and then to fight and get well.

They tried one final treatment, but, if it didn’t cure me, it would surely kill me.

My journey has been long but I refused to surrender, so my rescuers at Vergi and Vals Pals GSD rescue fought with me.

The final treatment to see what was causing the swelling on my brain and my paralysis was for a parasitic infection in my brain. The treatment plan was a high dose of Ivermectin, I would either begin to respond or the treatment would send me over the rainbow bridge. During this time I know everyone at Vals Pals GSD rescue and all my fans around the world who had donated for my care were waiting with baited breath, would I make it?

Finally the following day I showed a small improvement, small but not enough, again they looked into my eyes and I told them to carry on, I was still fighting. By the second day, a miracle occurred, I stood up and walked a few steps! I cannot tell you how proud this made me, shaky and weak, but up! Everyday I made small improvements, slowly but surely making my way back to full health until FINALLY I could be rehomed and enjoy the pleasures of running with my pack again.

Quote from his rescuers prior to adoption::
‘He far exceeded all expectations, he showed us a will and determination not seen before. He taught us to never give up hope. We know in the near future some lucky family will adopt this special boy who needed nothing more than someone to care. Someone to offer a way forward. #Cubbystrong proved no matter how cruel or uncaring some can be, they will always be outnumbered by those willing to do good, those willing to give time and money to help those in need.  #Cubbystrong proved all this and much more.’

I am handsome
I am proud
I am #Cubbystrong

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