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Hi to everyone at Malamute Matters.

This is for Sally and ALL the team. I am a dog behaviorist and when little Mitch the staffy was rescued by my friend and with a huge tumor bigger than a cricket ball swinging from his neck, weeping puss and blood plus many other injuries I posted a photo on Facebook to try to find those responsible. Malamute Matters immediately jumped in with a fundraise for his plight. The initial surgery was over £140.00 yet Malamute Matters raised over £500.00 (£517.00 I think) and donated it all to the vets for Mitch. Even knowing they were giving more than the initial surgery cost, I asked for nothing, MALAMUTE MATTERS gave more than even the cost of the surgery, how can such compassion and generosity be measured, my heartfelt thanks to you all and your supporters.

Mitch is on the road to recovery, is happy, has a rich and varied life in front of him, we cannot thank you all enough.God bless you. x

Bryn Mitchell

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