Bob, Skip and a Jump

Bob had been living on the streets of Birmingham, UK with his best friend, Skip the dog for over a year when our founder, Dawn Fido, came across them sitting on a step during her lunch break.

She would continue to check on them at lunchtime when she could and, while taking him a hot coffee, sandwiches and some chicken for Skip, Bob and Dawn struck up a friendship.

Bob explained to Dawn that he was an Army Veteran had ended up on the streets, but because of his loyalty to Skip, his dog, he couldn’t find accommodation through various charities.

Dawn would pop along and chat with Bob, take a treat for Skip or a new book for Bob, who was always reading, whenever she had the chance. And on more than one occasion, bought them a night in a hostel where Bob and Skip could stay in warmth together.

Through our Facebook social group, MALAMUTE MATTERS, Dawn was sharing stories of Bob and Skip often and it was obvious they were praying on her mind.. So…
Dawn had an idea to launch a mini appeal on our fundraising group.. For £13, Bob and Skip could have 1 night in the hostel. So many of our members had taken Bob and Skip to their hearts and donated what small amount they could.. And in the space of a few hours, Dawn had raised enough to book Bob and Skip into the hostel for 21 nights!!!

When Dawn went to give Bob the news, he was overawed with the generosity of the Malamute Matters members and couldn’t stop saying “Thank You” Dawn made sure Bob had some money for that night and that Skip had had some roast chicken before he went to speak to the hostel about booking all the nights there that he now could.


Two weeks after our mini appeal, and just when the pre-booked nights were nearly all used up, Bob got word that he had been offered a Bedsit that he and Skip could live in together. So his last nights of homelessness were spent in the warm hostel with his best friend thanks to the members of Malamute Matters.

Bob still comes to sit on his step and read his book with Skip. He misses seeing the people and the chats he would have. Dawn still looks out for him and has a chat with him and Skip on her lunch break. But, at least now, an Army Veteran who had served his country has a choice. If it gets cold, he and Skip can go into the warmth in their own home together

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