Tips on how to spend a weekend with your dog

Tips on how to spend a weekend with your dog

Travel somewhere!

Spending a weekend with a partner or a group of friends is awesome, but what about your furry friend at home? Your dog too deserves to join you on your adventures, and make them even better and more fun. The best thing about it? You don’t even have to go anywhere, your pet will be thrilled by the mere fact you’ve decided to dedicate the entire weekend to your bonding. Spending the entire weekend with your best friend has some challenges, though. Like, what are you going to do, where you will go and what exactly makes a perfect dog-owner bonding weekend. Let us try to address some of them and help you organize a dream-like weekend for you and your dog.

Go hiking!

Dogs are not so big on travel, but they do like to ride in the car if the distance isn’t overwhelming. And if you manage to find some great location in nature to allow your dog to run out, he’ll be thrilled. When searching for the destination, make sure the hotel you are going to stay in is pet-friendly. Search beyond the pet-friendly label, and find out whether the hotels are offering amenities like food and toys for your pet, and if you really want to make the weekend all about pampering keep your eyes open for beds, blankets, quality food and gift baskets.

Just play!

There’s nothing your dog would love more than to spend an entire weekend simply playing with you in the backyard. So, take a Frisbee, a ball or even a simple stick and play fetch. If your dog doesn’t know how to play fetch yet, well, you have two days to teach them.
Remember that the most precious time for your dog is the one he spends with you, so get out there and get some furry fun.

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