My name is Spencer, and this is my story


Hi, My name is Spencer and this is my awful story.

I somehow found my way to a shelter, my condition, I’m told, was heart breaking. The finder said I had been abused which was pretty obvious by my emaciated state with wounds and scars of various ages and stages of healing, but the big question, of course, is what happened to my back?  Why do I look bent in half? Why can’t I stand properly? Did I escape an abusive situation only to be hit by car?! Rescue Dogs Rock NYC will never know my full story, but I’m told my life didn’t just go downhill today! I didn’t come from anywhere good! My ears are a home crop job on top of everything else! 

I am in a horrific condition with blood dripping down my face, hobbling around in pain, but that didn’t stop me from being friendly to everyone I met, human and canine. I love people you see.

I am a young Isabella fawn & rust Doberman. The shelter says a I am a year old or less, just a baby really. 

I was rushed to specialists, to have x-rays on my spine and to see a neurologist at a speciality ER hospital where my rescuers worst fears were confirmed! My poor spine is severed and my only hope is to have spinal surgery, once I am well enough, the estimate for my surgery is $5700-7000!  The rescue took me because I was suffering and I deserved the chance to live! It was the RIGHT thing to do, but they needed help and lots of it, this was one of the most extreme cases they had seen. Malamute Matters jumped in to send what they could towards these escalating costs, whilst worldwide support came flooding in for me, donations and words of encouragement, a pinpoint of light in a dark time.

On top of the my spine damage, my stomach was full of bones, bringing about a whole new problem to treat.  The doctor’s educated guess is that I escaped whatever hell I came from where I was clearly starved and abused and was eating some dead animal on the side of the road (trying to survive) and I got hit by a car (hit and run).

The operation was long and not without risk, yet I survived, and little by little I recovered, little by little I got stronger, taking my first wobbly steps, a huge grin on my face! I could do this! I had physio, hydrotherapy and extensive exercises, and just as importantly I found love with my new forever family and fur brothers Arthur and Cakes, they gave me the encouragement and support to carry on getting stronger and the love my short life had severely lacked.

And now? Well look at me, I can run like the wind, I’m happy and adored, I am #SpectacularSpencer

Thank you to all who played a part in saving my life.

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