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Hi my name is Athena, I was rescued by my mummy my original name was Lucky although I wasn’t very lucky as the breeder that bred me wanted to put me down because of my deformed leg, so a nice lady who was buying one of my brothers asked if she could have me as well, I thought life would have been good for me but I needed my leg removing and the lady couldn’t afford it so she was thinking of having me put down too, then she gave up my brother and asked the rescue if they could take me aswell.  The original rescue refused me as I needed veterinary care so my mummy said she would keep me and appeal for help from the world of facebook.  I needed around £500 – £600 for my op and within 4 hours of mummy appealing for help she raised £800.  A lot of people off of Malamute Matters came forward and put towards my op.

The lovely veterinary staff at Vets 4 Pets in Peterborough took very good care of me and they even took lots of pictures of my operation as mummy had a lot of people wanting to know it went ok.  She posted them all on my own Facebook page Athenas Journey.  I am a star you know.

The operation went well and I was recovering lovely but  unfortunately for mummy I came into season and this did not agree with me, I was screaming and screaming mummy and the vets thought it was down to phantom pain so I had some medication which didn’t agree with me so they tried others and I still screamed and boy did mummy get an earful, the only thing that stopped me screaming was mummy cuddles.  Anyway after three weeks of this my season stopped and I stopped screaming hehe.

I turned one the other day and I can run and jump and bounce around like all the other huskies I maybe small but I am super fast and I can pull as much as the others, mummy even took me out on the bike for a little jog I loved that.

Because of me mummy set up her now registered charity Saints Sled Dog Rescue and she said the reason she chose my name Athena is because it means the Goddess of Inspiration plus lots more and I inspired her to help others, so far in 6 months she has helped save 67 dogs wow and I get to go to a lot of the fund raising days with her everyone is lovely and all the Saints Team love me well why wouldn’t they I am just super cute and adorable.

Heather Saville

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