My name is Alaska, and this is my story

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My name is Alaska.

I am an Alaskan Malamute from Sydney. The first part of my life wasn’t a very happy one, my owner had me only for one reason, that reason being I was able to make babies.
I found myself being left alone with my two friends Ranger and Snow. We were all in terrible condition. I was itchy and hungry. Once I was taken in by AMRAA I had to have an operation, they found a lump!

I had to have this thing called an x-ray to see what this lump was.
Once the x-rays were all clear and they shown this lump wasn’t getting bigger I had to have another operation for it to be remove and the kind ladies at the rescue said it was nothing to worry about – phew! After all the poking and prodding by the people in white gowns I was finally able to go to my foster family. I was super excited to become a part of someone’s family, I got lots of love and cuddles there. I was waiting to become a big strong malamute so I could find my Furever family but something happened… I became this thing called a ‘failed foster’ my foster mummy had told me that she was now going to become my REAL mommy and that I wasn’t to worry about finding a new family because I was staying right here!!! i am now a big proud girl with a swishy happy fluffy butt.  

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