About us

Malamute Matters started out as a Facebook social group for owners of Alaskan Malamutes (and other breeds) to share photos, anecdotes, information and questions about their furry friends with one another.Malamute Matters first began helping dogs in need when a beautiful Malamute called Alfie required costly surgery to save his eyesight. Members of the group rallied together, raising double the amount needed, so that not only was Alfie’s sight saved, but help was offered to two other sled dogs also urgently needing eye surgery! In answering Alfie’s plight, the concept of Malamute Matters as a fundraising group was born.

Now, Malamute Matters is a non-profit registered charity run entirely by volunteers across the UK and Europe, with thousands of supporters across the globe. Our mission is to alleviate and prevent the suffering of dogs by providing financial relief to rescues and to aid individual emergency cases. We work closely with two sponsored dog rescues but offer assistance to numerous rescues on a regular basis. We primarily serve to help Alaskan Malamutes and other northern breeds, though not exclusively.Our dedicated team of volunteers works tirelessly to raise funds by running regular appeals, auctions, stalls and sales. We also generate our own income by way of the Malamute Matters Shop which offers a wide variety of products from sled dog working gear and equipment to clothing and gifts for dog lovers, and everything in between. 100% of the profit made via the Shop is donated to dog rescues and emergency cases. Malamute Matters has forged close ties with many experts in their field, with access to invaluable resources when it comes to many aspects of dog, and particularly, Malamute ownership.

Our current sponsored rescue is R.A.D.A.R. and Tyrone Husky Rescue, this is reviewed half yearly.

Wounded dog

We have an enviable list of contacts, including rescues, veterinary and behaviourist professionals, groomers, pet food and product manufacturers, allowing us to offer direction and assistance to rescues and individuals requiring information or assistance.At Malamute Matters we believe that education is crucial and we take our role in providing up-to-date and accurate information for owners and would-be owners very seriously. We actively encourage the adoption of rescue dogs or the purchasing of puppies from only the most ethical and responsible breeders, and we strongly advocate would-be owners to conduct the most stringent and thorough research before adopting or purchasing any animal. It is our aim to not only help rescue dogs currently in need, but to vigorously work towards preventing more animals ending up in need in the future.

Together we really can make a difference.

Malamute Matters Annual Membership

Membership includes a free exclusive Malamute Matters mug, Regular email updates & Exclusive membership discounts.

The proceeds of this membership will go to fund Emergency Cases such as urgent vet treatment. For examples of cases already assisted please visit www.facebook.com/malamutematters.

Our team

Dawn Fido

Retired Chairperson and Founder

Deb n Zeus

Debra Kensey


Aline De Lombaerde

Secretary / Trustee

Susan Hawkins

Susan Hawkins

Show co-ordinator

Eleanor Merson

Newsletter Editor

Stuart Anderson

Media Manager

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Malamute Matters Code of Conduct

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We encourage:

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Code Of Ethics Aimed At Rescue Sponsors
  • Rescues will operate as a charitable endeavour staffed by volunteers who will not profit personally from rescue and offer timely response to requests for assistance.
  • Rescues will abide by al aspects of the Animal Welfare Act.
  • Rescues will always keep the best interests of the dogs in mind and serve as their advocate.
  • Rescues will ensure, to the best of their ability, that no otherwise adoptable dog will be denied rescue because of age or treatable physical condition. If a dog is ultimately deemed unadoptable for reasons of health or temperament, they will ensure that a veterinarian humanely euthanizes the dog.
  • Rescues will be honest and forthcoming with the public and never knowingly misrepresent a rescue dog’s age, medical condition, and/or temperament to anyone.
  • Rescues will screen and evaluate, to the best of their ability at that time, the temperament and health of each dog placed into rescue, and they will never knowingly place a dangerous dog.
  • Rescues will counsel potential adopters about the dog breed including temperament, health, training and care issues promoting responsible pet ownership.
  • Rescues will obtain a completed release of ownership form on rescue dogs that pass through their custody and ensure they will be spayed or neutered before being adopted.
  • Rescues will provide every fostered dog appropriate food, water and shelter under sanitary conditions and provide veterinary care as when deem appropriate.
  • Rescues will never place a rescued dog as anything other than an indoor house pet.
  • Rescues will thoroughly interview potential adopters & foster carers including ensuring experience and home checks.
  • Rescues will utilize written adoption contracts on each rescue dog placed.
  • Rescues will provide follow up advice and assistance to adopters and take back any rescue dog placed by their rescue group at the request of the adopter./ foster carer.
  • Rescues will require that adopters be at least 18 years of age.
  • Rescues will conduct themselves in a courteous manner in rescue work such that their behaviour brings credit to the image of their rescue and animal rescue in general.