Nanook’s Story

We lost our beloved Max, the majestic malamute, in October 2013. We were heartbroken as he was only 3, and we’d had him from a pup.
We were just heading out for a Christmas do, when I received a pm from someone wanting to rehome a Malamute.
After many pms backwards and forwards, we decided to rescue nanook, who was in a house with at least 9 other dogs and caged for most of the day.
We set off on our long journey at 6 in the morning, feeling excited and a little apprehensive. We knocked on the door and the lady brought him out, we didn’t see the rest of the dogs, but could certainly hear them.
When we saw him, we literally couldn’t believe the state of him, there was no way we were leaving without him.

He was desperately skinny and absolutely stunk to high heaven. We fed him 2 raw steaks, bathed him, groomed him and were so shocked at his matted coat, I had to shave his belly, he had been laying in his own wee and poo.
We took him to the vets for a thorough check. He was 18 months and 20 kilos! He was scared of his own shadow. A leaf would freak him out.

We’ve now had him nearly 3 years. He is happy, healthy and a joy to have. He loves being fussed on walks because he knows how handsome he is.
Our gorgeous boy nooks.

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