She gave her conscience a nudge

My malamute matters journey

A couple of years ago, I was rescued by Samson, a dog whose breed I had no knowledge of, though my partner had experience. In fact prior to Samson, I had only owned terriers, so quite a big step for me. I joined malamute matters to gain knowledge from owners to get insight what to expect from first hand accounts rather than the usual research material.
I enjoyed the photos, I read the posts, and skipped by the ones asking for donations, I mean come on, why should I hand my money over to help dogs I don’t know when I could use it to buy a latte or a glossy magazine.
It wasn’t until one day, the admin ran a thread asking people to nominate their dog of the year, and I began to read the comments, and slowly they began to pull at my conscience. You see, Samson, albeit being a rescue dog, abandoned at an early age had struck gold with us. He had everything a dog needed, a loving home, good food, toys, medical insurance, and the freedom to live his life as a happy boy. One story stood out from the others, a much loved, beautiful girl never had the start in life a dog deserved. She had been used as a breed machine, caged, forgotten until she provided unscrupulous owners with the one thing they coveted…MONEY. And even heavily pregnant those ‘people’ saw an even bigger cash cow, and so they cashed her in for the bigger prize.
Luckily her journey saw her finally land the dream home, and her story inspired me to want to help. So with a new profile for Samson, i decided to give back to this fundraising group, donating what I could afford, and give time to help. The dogs that Malamute Matters help haven’t had the start in life we give our precious furbabies, they come in terribly abused, starved and desperate for help, and we cant give to their aid without the kindness of our members. So please, don’t be like the old me, give your conscience a nudge, and give what you can, and every little really does help, and together lets make as many dogs lives as happy as we do our own

Ann Marie and Samson

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