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Earn up to 18 Points.


The Houdini Ultra harness is a super safe version of our regular Houdini harness. Featuring an extra ‘belly strap’ just behind the dogs ribcage this harness is near impossible to back out of, no dog has managed it yet!


Measuring for a Houdini Ultra Harness

1. Measure from the withers (shoulderblades) to the breastbone, one side only
2. Measure from the breastbone to the chest, leaving some clearance behind the front legs
3. Measure around the chest, leaving some clearance behind the front legs
4. Measure around the waist, a little in front of the penis for boys
5. Measure from withers (shoulderblades) to the point on the back you measured around for number 4

Average turnaround time  – 4 weeks

Additional information

Weight 0.55 kg
Webbing Colour

Yellow, Royal Blue, Purple, Navy Blue, Baby Pink, Brown, Forest Green, Sky Blue, Red, Orange, Hot Pink, Black, Emerald Green

Padding Colour

Sky Blue, Green Cameo, Hot pink, Lime Green, Royal Blue, Yellow, Purple, Red, Black, Baby Pink, Turquoise, Orange, Khaki Green


20mm, 25mm


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