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All the goodness of our Original with added Charcoal to help alleviate wind and improve digestion Unlike mass produced dog biscuits that are mostly fillers and bulkers, our Antler Bakes contain 100% proper, natural ingredients, hand baked in Britain, so wholesome in fact that even we are tempted! NO additives, preservatives, artificial food colourings, sugar or salt. Ground Antler has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years due to the many health benefits it posesses. Known to improve blood circulation, antler also aids the immune system and helps improve muscle recovery. Made from our Grade A Antlers that are naturally shed each year, from free ranging deer that live natural lives. No deer are ever harmed.

Information Ingredients: Organic Rye Flour, Oats, Ground Deer Antler, Linseed, Carrots, Garlic, Rosemary, Charcoal, Egg Nutritional Analysis: Protein 12.5%, Oils -8%, Fibre – 11%, Ash -6.42%, Moisture – 8% 150g

Good to know: Linseed – natural source of omega 3 Carrots – vitamins A & E for healthy skin Ground Antler- for improved blood circulation Garlic Powder – natural source of antioxidants Rosemary – helps prevent bad breath Charcoal- helps alleviate wind, good for digestion Egg – good source of calcium


These honest and healthy dog biscuits come in three varieties: Original: All the goodness of antler in a tasty, crunchy, hand baked biscuit.

Kelp: All the goodness of our Original with added Kelp, which is beneficial for skin irritations, good for flea control. Charcoal: All the goodness of our Original with added Charcoal to help alleviate wind and improve digestion.

Our lovely Antler Bakes are hand made and therefore will have variations in colour and shape.You know they’re woof it!

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