A Volunteers Bio from Our Natalie

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imageHawooo! I’m Natalie from Glasgow. After owning my first ever malamute for little over 6 months , I stumbled upon malamute matters on facebook – a group which offered funny doggy memes ,members stories and a place to turn to ask for help and advice from seasoned owners of this amazing breed.
Then I seen what it was really about – it was about saving lives , tirelessly fundraising every second of everyday to raise even the littlest amount to make the biggest difference .
I saw the hard work and sheer determination of all of the volunteers who run it – I knew I had to be a part of this . I try and help malamute matters everyday no matter how little , from little simple tasks like bumping and sharing posts and telling everyone and their granny about the work we do – to helping out with the auctions and running little appeals to try and make more members stay active within the group.
Without the volunteers , there would be no malamute matters , and without malamute matters – it would be a tragedy. “Enlisting” 😂 was the best thing I’ve ever done ❤️